Global Superstore

This graph illustrates the total profit of each state in the United States. The most profitable states are displayed in blue while the least profitable states are displayed in orange. New York and California generate the most profit, while Texas and Ohio generate the least profit. Focusing on the most profitable states would be the best strategy for the Global Superstore.

This graph shows the changes in profitability in New York over a 4 year span. Generally, profits are increasing over-time. This could be due to employee's efforts, management strategies, product quality or prices. In order to improve profit in other states, it would be wise to emulate these positive trends among other states.

This graph illustrates the most profitable product categories in New York. Product in the technology category generate profits of $42,187. This is more than 7x the amount of profit generated by products in the furniture category. Focusing marketing strategies on technology products will increase sales more than any other category.

This graph illustrates the Sales Forecast for the technology products in the state of New York through 2015. The gaps in the graph illustrate months where no technology related products were sold. It is forecasted that the sales will drop during the first few months of the year, followed by an increase in sales. Global Superstore should focus on the quantity of sales in the beginning of the year to eliminate dramatic decrease in sales.